While Explore Your Call is an effort to mentor, to resource, to network, to build relationships, and to prepare those that are being called, this ministry will never replace the role that you play in the lives of young people God has placed in your care.

Because it takes work to invest in the next generation, Explore Your Call is here to encourage and assist you. We hope to serve as a resource that you can turn to when you need “good reads” and opportunities for your students. On our website, you can…

  • Send students to our questionnaire Get Started Here. We will send them a free book in the mail to aid in the process of clarifying God’s call on their life.
  • Find information about Explore Your Call regional events.
  • Follow our Blog, and Instagram account (@exploreyourcall).
  • Be up-to-date on the latest information about education and service opportunities.

The next generation of leaders has to know that the church is in their corner. As their pastor, you have the opportunity to elevate vocational calling, share how fulfilling it is, and give God an open invitation to call out high-capacity leaders. So here is our call to action for you and some steps you might take…

You Should Care about those whom God is calling into ministry.

  • Many are searching for mentoring relationships.
  • The median age of church leadership is increasing.

      • People are loyal to those who take care of them.
      • Raising up the next generation of leaders is good for the Kingdom.

You Should Participate in the preparation of the next generation of church leaders.

      • Call out the called by giving impassioned invitations.
      • Attend/lead at an Explore Your Call regional event.
      • Mentor students that have been called to ministry.

You Should Plan for the day when they will be leading in your place.

    • Give those called to ministry opportunities—to volunteer, to serve on staff.
    • Allow them into your network.
    • Help them find a church in which to serve.

Clarifying God’s Call

The desire of Explore Your Call is for young men and women sensing the call to seek the Lord’s will for their lives and explore its possibility and nature. You can start by… Talking with your pastor or student pastor Attending an Explore Your Call regional event where you can meet other students and talk with men and women already serving in ministry. Reading a book about calling. We recommend (and will send to you for free!) “Discerning Your Call to Ministry,” by Jason Allen.

Preparing for God’s Call

The call to ministry is a call to prepare. You can begin preparing for ministry by…

  • Finding a mentor(s) currently serving in ministry.
  • Researching educational opportunities, including college, seminary, or other training.
  • Serving in different areas of ministry. (Internships are an excellent way to both explore and prepare!)

Practicing God’s Call

A call to ministry does not begin years after God places it on the soul. It begins now. Beginning to serve and minister wherever and whenever God provides opportunity is faithfulness to His calling on one’s life. You can put His calling into practice by…

  • Volunteering in your local church.
  • Serving through an internship, part-time/bi-vocational position.
  • Going on a mission trip.
  • Staffing camps, Disciple Now weekends, or retreats

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