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June 27, 2018

Hello readers!

I look forward to learning, growing, and encouraging one another on our faith journeys. Even though I may have never met you, I believe that if you are reading this post, you are a brother or sister to me in Jesus Christ, and therefore a friend. In light of this, here is just a little description of who I am, and where our Lord is leading me.

My name is *Joy Walker. I recently graduated from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. However, now as a new professional I am seeking employment with an English center in Southeast Asia, to use my love for teaching as an avenue to advance the gospel to the unreached. Now, you may be asking yourself how I came to this decision? While there are many factors that play into that answer, I’ll tell you the short version today (for the sake of time and space).

I grew up in a Christian home and made a genuine confession for salvation at the age of 5. From there, I desired to grow in my own personal study and relationship with Jesus. I also prayed to do something biggerfor my Savior. At the age of 13, God answered those young prayers by calling me to surrender to vocational missions. At first, I wasn’t happy about this call. Over the next several years, He opened my eyes to the great need and freed my heart from all reservations and fears.  As I graduated high school, I had a heart that truly echoed Isaiah 6:8, “Here I am. Send Me.”Shortly after I began college, God opened doors for me to serve cross-culturally that had previously been closed to me. I served on “Christmas in China” teams in 2014 and 2015, helping with a church plant focused on a university and international students in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most recently I spent the summer of 2017 on a Nehemiah Team having English clubs and sharing Jesus in a closed country in Southeast Asia. And with every step of obedience, God has proven himself faithful.  After returning from Southeast Asia in August, I began to pray about the possibility of returning to that country to continue to work with the people there, most of whom had become my family.  As the burden for the lost grew in my mind and my heart, so did a peace from the Holy Spirit to take another step of faith. So I am currently walking in faith with the International Mission Board and my local church to be sent back as a missionary to this city, where there are only a few believers and NO residing career missionaries. It’s not bravery. It’s just obedience. Obedience to passionately pursue the people of Southeast Asia  for the Kingdom. Life is too short, and eternity is too long for anything less.  Don’t you agree?

Thanks for reading today! I look forward to sharing more of His purposes with you in the weeks to come!

In Christ,

*Joy Walker

*name changed for security purposes

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