Student Summer Missions

Student Summer Missions

Students seeking summer internships should register here

Churches/Mentors wanting to be a part of the program should register here

Our summer internship program allows for students and mentors/churches to connect in relationships that lead to growth in Christ, service of the church, and further the students process through his or her calling.

2018 Student Summer Missions Timeline

  • January 29 – registration opens for students and churches
  • April 6 – FINAL DEADLINE to receive applications and requests (applications must be submitted online)
  • May 17-18 – MANDATORY ORIENTATION (for ALL Explore Your Call SSM students and mentors)
  • July 10 – Monthly Report due from students
  • August 10 – Debrief and End of Summer Reports due from students and mentors
  • August 15 – Funding processed (pending all reporting from students and mentors)

KALEO (kal-eh’-o) v. Greek

  1. to call aloud;
  2. to invite;
  3. to be called

KALEO as an acronym- Click on each word to expand:

Knowing and
Finding and following God’s call on your life depends on your knowledge of Him and your personal response to His leadership. Kaleo Arkansas connects you with valuable resources and relationships that will help you:

    • Grow in ChristiStock_000003215913XSmall-300x204
    • Define three different calls to ministry (as defined in “Is God calling Me?” by Jeff Iorg)
      • Universal call to service and growth
      • General call to ministry leadership
      • Specific call to a ministry assignment
Affirming God’s call to ministry leadership through
Affirming is the process of developing confidence in the direction that you
sense from God. You will find genuine support in processing godly affirmation as you:dreamstime_2278063-201x300

    • Search Scripture
    • Pray
    • Hear from influential people
    • Discern circumstances
    • Define the specifics of your calling
Life-on-life relationships that provide
Initiating mentor/coach relationships is vital as we seek to best lead throughout God’s call. Mentorships allow us to:iStock_000011923738XSmall-300x199

    • Listen – through mentoring/ministry relationships
    • Learn – through coaching/ministry opportunities
    • Lead – through ministry opportunities
Encouragement and
Kaleo Arkansas instantly connects you with a network of believers who are on the same journey as your own. Network members come together virtually and physically in order to:dreamstime_2449282-300x199

    • Pray and worship together
    • Celebrate ministry successes
    • Support each other through ministry challenges
    • Connect with others in a similar field of service
Opportunities for ministry leadership development throughout Southern Baptist life.
 78112-300x300Because of the amazing and strategic cooperation of Southern Baptists around the world, you have the opportunity to explore and develop your call to ministry leadership as you partner with others in ministry locally, nationally, and globally.

God’s Call to Ministry

Dr. Jeff Iorg, in his book Is God Calling Me?, defines the Call of God in this way, “A call is a profound impression from God that establishes parameters for your life and can only be altered by a subsequent, superseding impression from God.” He goes on to say there are three basic call experiences:

A UNIVERSAL CALL: To Christian Service and Growth, A GENERAL CALL: To Ministry Leadership, A SPECIFIC CALL: To Ministry Assignment

These calls each place Divine parameters on our lives